The Master's Mariner - April 2019

A Wonderful Challenging Year!

Greetings to all supporters, volunteers, prayer partners and church pastors and leaders!

2018 was a great year! We had a few new initiatives introduced and we have seen a great result!

Successful Operation Cruise Terminal 2018/2019

The year 2019 started on a high note. It is exciting to see a record number of seafarers from the cruise vessels visiting out Mission! Since our Mission moved to Hickson Road in the year 2013, I was quite puzzled as to why so few seafarers from the cruise vessels were visiting our Centre. I had been visiting the crew on board the various cruise vessels each year but only 10 seafarers had visited our Mission each season.

Since our launching, we have had more than 250 seafarers visit our Mission to date! 90% of seafarers on board the cruise vessels have not heard of Mission To Seafarers, the other 10% who have heard of our Mission do not know where we are located. We can proudly say, that we have increased the awareness of our Mission among the seafarers with our presence at Overseas Passenger Terminal, visiting them on board the vessels and distributing 3000 copies of our flyers! Our Operation Cruise Terminal has been a great success! Thanks for your prayers and encouragement and our great team of players - both staff and volunteers! Bravo!

Breakthrough - visiting crew on board!

For the first time in many years, and out of Operation Cruise Terminal initiative, the Lord gave us a breakthrough to go on board to visit the crew on Majestic Princess. The Captain, HR manager and senior officers visited our Facilitating Station at the Overseas Passenger Terminal and invited us to go on board. Since then, we have been visiting the crew on board Majestic Princess, bringing magazines, flyers, internet SIM cards, etc, interacting and answering any questions they had for us. The crew expressed their appreciation for visiting them because they were busy working and did not have time to visit our Mission.

Parcel Collecting Centre at MTS

Another successful initiative is that we informed seafarers from the cruise vessels that they could send their parcels/orders to our address. When their vessels called at OPT, they came in personally to collect their parcels. We have seen more than 150 parcels delivered to us. They are very grateful to us for rendering this important and practical service to them.

Operation White Bay Cruise Terminal 2019/2020

The next cruise season commences in September/October 2019. With such great success and breakthrough this season, we will continue our Operation Cruise Terminal - 2 at OPT next season. In the meantime, we are planning a new initiative called, "Operation White Bay Cruise Terminal." There are many cruise vessels visiting White Bay Cruise Terminal and a number of vessels berthed overnight. The seafarers on board have no means of travelling to the city or visiting our Mission. We are here to attend to their needs and hopefully to transport them to our Mission and visit our beautiful city. Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated.

Australian Council of MTS and Stella Maris joined Chaplaincy Training on 11-14 February 2019

The above training was organised and held at Mary Mackillop's Centre, North Sydney. More than 30 chaplains and staff from Australia and a few from New Zealand attended this training. Troy attended this training. We had 6 visitors and the keynote speaker, Jason Zuidema from the States visited our Mission on Monday, 11th February.

Chief Cook visiting our Mission and Sydney, 1-3 March 2019

Steven, the chief cook with an OOCL vessel and his wife visited our Mission upon arrival on the 1st of March. He expressed his appreciation to our Mission for caring and supporting seafarers like him and many others. They stayed with us for two nights.

The 55th Merchant Navy Annual Commemoration Service at Rookwood, Necropolis

I attended the above Commemoration Service on Sunday, 14 April, 2019 at 11:00am. Speaker: Mr Peter Dexter AM, is the Chairman of the Australian National Maritime Museum (ANMM) and a Director of the Australian National Maritime Museum Foundation.

Massive Murray Paddle

On November 18th our Accountant Gary, Chaplain Troy and supporter James are setting out on an epic 404 km kayak down the Murray River over 5 days from Yarrawonga to Swan Hill to raise money for our Mission, and support our Seafarers. To learn more about the largest charity paddle in Australia visit

Another way you can become involved is to paddle with us and raise money for the mission.


We are currently looking for volunteers to partner with us in our initiative. We are looking for a driver who has a Light Rigid vehicle license. To get involved please contact us.